Makan enak di Lampung yuuuuk #1…

It’s always good to be back home …

Terlepas bahwa pulang kampung dalam rangka kerja and most of my families are in Jakarta, I always cherish the moment of going back home to Lampung. Yuuup…Lampung, my lovely hometown. Located in the southernmost part of Sumatera Island, Lampung is just a 50-minute flight away…or if you feel a bit more adventurous and enjoy driving, then Jakarta to Lampung is approximately 7 -8 hours drive, depending on the traffic and weather.

And like many other Indonesians, homage visits to culinary destinations are on top of the agenda. I guess it’s in the DNA of every Indonesians that food, food, glorious food will unite us all, rite … Now, I will take you to one of the many favorite spots in Lampung, particularly Bandar Lampung, to satisfy my glorious food craving:

Mie Ayam Lampung

For me, Chinese noodle is an all-season, all-the-time menu. Brekky, lunch or dinner, I can take ’em all…bring it on…

Located in Enggal, one of the busy corners in Bandar Lampung City, and one in Gajah Mada street, Teluk Betung (brother’s outlet :D), you can enjoy soft, juicy Chinese noodle soup with all its condiments… When I say soft and juicy, I didn’t mean to exaggerate, as that’s exactly what you have as the noodles are freshly made on daily can see it yourselves .

And the condiments…my oh my…a wide variety of beef meatballs, tofu and fish balls, chicken wonton, minced beef and many moreeee are at your service. You just have to choose.

indah tofu
yummy tofu et fish balls only for you…

Adorned with marinated mince chicken (sometimes mixed with mushroom…soooo yummy!), fresh celery and fried onion, I can never say no to mie ayam .

You can also try lou cu pan, fresh noodles made of rice flour and come in bigger size. Similarly adorned with minced chicken, onion and fresh green vegetables (usually pok choy), this type of noodle can be a perfect choice for you…

Only for Rp 20.000,- for the noodles and extra Rp 10.000,- for its condiments, you can heavenly get a taste of this favorite dish of mine…

Well, I have to warn you, tho’…this food outlet is quite famous you have to make sure you get to the place preferably before noon. As they will be running out of food due to the high demand of customers at around 12. So, hurry up ..

indah mie
this is what I’m talking about…sooo yummy ..

Interested? go, go, go…you won’t regret 😀

Next, bakso Sony…..well, well… I have to come back for that…#sambil ngebayangin semangkok bakso enaaaak panas-panaaas ….

foto & article by : Indah Nuria Savitri


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